Indicator Packages

  NinjaTrader 7: Indicators Package


Important! Please note, that downloading and installing any of the DarkMindFx indicator packages you are accepting the terms of use described on this page - Terms Of Use. Please read them carefully before downloading.

Installation and How-To's

System Requirements

IMPORTANT: Please make sure that all Windows Updates are installed!

Windows 7 with .NET Framework: v. 4.5 or higher - you can download it here

Windows 8 and higher



Step-By-Step Guide

1. Download ZIP archive with the package

2. In your NinjaTrader 7 terminal select File > Utilities > Import NinjaScript...

3. In the opened window select ZIP file and click "Open"

4. After importing is done - restart NinjaTrader terminal

Done! Now your trading environment is ready and you can add indicator windows to your chart.